1. Chers amis dans le Christ, avec un immense regret, je viens d´apprendre, que votre Youtube canal a ete aboli. Je voudrais ardement telecharger vos presentation video. Comment vous contacter?

  2. Thank you for sharing the reality about false prophet Muhammad to open the eyes of the deceived Muslims. JESUS IS LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, THE ONLY WAY TRUTH LIFE. --Ex-Muslim saved Christian by the Grace of GOD YAHWEH YAHUSHUA.

  3. Lucifer actually BOWED to Jesus
    after His crucifixion
    when He descended.
    Doesnt that tell you somethn???
    How can allah those 'religions'
    like filthy Islam call themselves
    holy when Isis/Mohammad glories
    in their rapes and beheadings??

    There's Only One.

    1. How the hell would you know, kold_kadavr_ flatliner. Were you there when that happened over 2000 years ago. That tells me that you are an idiot. So if Lucifer actually BOWED to Jesus, that means Jesus is Lucifer's master. That means Jesus is worst than Lucifer. If you are judging almost 2 billion great Muslims by a handful of stupid Isis who are not even muslims in the first place, but a bunch of imposters CIA operative. It's like if one would to say that all the billions of Christians are filthy because Jim Jones and his gang raped killed and poisoned hundreds of men woman's and children in Guyana. Or that all Christians are not holy because the KKK are going around raping and lynching people.


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