The End of the Muslim Brotherhood

The End of the Muslim Brotherhood

نهاية الإخوان المسلمين

La Fin des Frères Musulmans


Aerial footage / Vue aérienne

The Biggest Demonstration in History (33 million)
Egypt, June 30, ARSH 2013

The end of the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, its birthplace, and soon worldwide.

1- What's happening in Egypt is NOT a military coup, it's a popular uprising, a revolution. (33 million took to the streets; the biggest uprising in history).
2- The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will NEVER recover from this HUMILIATION.
3- Soon, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran etc. will follow.
4- Gaza will follow, and Hamas will be history.
5- The Muslim Brotherhood in the west WILL FALL. (Remember, Egypt is the birthplace of the organization).
6- This will eventually lead to the humiliation and FALL of the Obama administration, a great blow to Jihadists.

What's happening in Egypt is huge; it's huge BECAUSE of its domino effect.

June 30, ARSH 2013; a great day for Egypt, a great day for all freedom lovers.

"Which the Lord of hosts hath blessed, saying: Blessed be my people of Egypt" Isaiah 19:25

أكبر مظاهرة في التاريخ
مصر، 30 يونيو 2013 ميلادية

نهاية حكم الإخوان المسلمين في مصر، مهد الجماعة، و قريبا في العالم أجمع

La Plus Grande Manifestation de l'Histoire (33 millions)
Égypte, 30 Juin ARSH 2013

La fin du pouvoir des Frères Musulmans en Égypte, son pays natal, et bientôt dans le monde entier.

1 - Ce qui se passe en Égypte N'EST PAS un coup d'état militaire, c'est un soulèvement populaire, une révolution. (33 millions sont descendus dans les rues; la plus grande révolte de l'histoire).
2 - Les Frères Musulmans en Égypte ne se remettront JAMAIS de cette HUMILIATION.
3 - Bientôt, la Tunisie, la Turquie, l'Iran, etc suivront.
4 - Gaza suivra et le Hamas fera partie du passé.
5 - Les Frères Musulmans en Occident TOMBERA. (Rappelez-vous, l'Égypte est le berceau de l'organisation).
6 - Ceci mènera à l'humiliation et à la CHUTE de l'administration Obama, une grande perte pour les  djihadistes.

Ce qui se passe en Égypte est énorme, énorme À CAUSE de son effet domino.

30 juin ARSH 2013; un grand jour pour l'Égypte, un grand jour pour tous les amoureux de la liberté.

"L'Éternel des armées les bénira, en disant: Bénis soit l'Égypte, mon peuple" Ésaïe 19:25

Update / Mise à jour

July 26, ARSH 2013

Egyptians heeded a call by army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to give him a popular mandate to confront violence by turning out in millions (35 million)

26 Juillet, ARSH 2013

Les Egyptiens ont répondu à l'appel du chef de l'armée le général Abdel Fattah al-Sisi pour lui donner un mandat populaire pour lutter contre la violence en sortant dans les rues par millions (35 millions).

Muslim Brotherhood Vermins / Ces Vermines de Frères Musulmans

Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert

(mn 3:55) Steve King:
"I'm here to congratulate the Egyptians for 30 million egyptians coming to the streets all over this country to take your country back."

(mn 13:00) Michele Bachmann:  
"You were 30 million strong in the streets. For each one of us, we were cheering in front of our televisions back home in the U.S."


  1. How can Islam be reformed to religiously support those who wish to live in peace and not campaign relentlessly under the Lesser Jihad to force the entire world to live under Islam and Sharia?

  2. Western Democracy is not Islamic. Whatever most of the Egyptian 'Freedom' marchers wanted, it in no way is akin to Democracy as we have it in the West: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Equality before the Law of all citizens, are all unacceptable to Islam. From Canada.

  3. I found this one the Egypt Independent News Website: It was posted back 16 July 2012 Morsi became President of Egypt 30 June 2012. The title of the article is:

    (US: We did not support particular Egyptian presidential candidate) Read the complete article here:

    Here is what it says.

    The US did not back a specific candidate in the last Egyptian presidential election, which ended in mid-June, the (US State Department said Sunday.

    A department statement quoted a senior US official as saying that Egyptians alone can select their leaders, and stressing that the US only supports a complete transition to a democratic, civil system of government. The official quoted accompanied Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her first visit to Egypt since President Mohamed Morsy’s election.

    “We have not supported any candidate, any party, and we will not, but what we do support is a full transition to democratic civilian governance here, including equal rights under the law for all groups,” the statement said.)

    If this were not true, then this article would not be on a Egyptian Main Stream News Media website. As you read above President Obama, has never supported any candidate, any party in Egypt, and the US said: but what we do support is a full transition to democratic civilian governance here. It's all in plain English on the website above.

  4. 6- This will eventually lead to the humiliation and FALL of the Obama administration, a great blow to Jihadists.
    It can't happen soon enough!!!

  5. While our Egyptian friends have been successful in booting out the Muslim Brotherhood from Government, the fight is not yet over. As for Europe, the US and maybe even Australia, while the main stream media continues to effectively support Islamism, civil wars are odds-on favourite to be necessary before freedom for all can be achieved....

  6. Cross Muslims blogger,

    I recently published a book entitled Muhammad and the Birth of Islamic Supremacism: The War With the Jews 622-628 A.D. Check the link below for information and reviews of the book on Amazon. I'd appreciate any publicity you would give to the book. I'm also including a link to my blog on historical interpretations of history. Thank you for anything you can do. David Hayden

    Blog link


  7. The elite of the IV Reich Military are mercenaries playing roles as different as:
    1.- NATO air force pilots bombing women and children around the world, from Serbia and Bosnia in Europe to Afghanistan and Iraq (Fallujah 2004 was the first city to be reduced to rubble after Vietnam 1975) in Asia or Ivory Coast and Mali in Africa.
    2.- NATO and "UN peacekeepers", from supervising the genocide of christians in the Central African Republic and South Sudan to the genocide of patriots and ethnic minorities in Mali or Somalia, in Africa;
    3.- Government air force bombing own population, starting with helicopters dropping barrel bombs over children in schools and hospitals, from Gaddafi in Libya (Misrata 2011) to Iraq now ("coincidentally" Fallujah was again the first city).
    This reached the limits first in Syria, with the use of chemical weapons for now more than one year and ALL almost all cities totally or partly reduced to rubble.
    4.- neo-nazi "nationalists", Right Sector in the Ukraine, the official authors of the first remake of Kristallnacht 1938 pogrom in Europe (burning disarmed people alive inside buildings).
    Also officially part of the first military attack using tanks to shell civilians within the same country (Sloviansk, 1 May 2014), after Hitler's army surrendered in 1945.
    5.- "Islamists", from "jihadist rebels" of ISIL in Syria to the Ansar Al-Sharia militia protecting the NATO backed "government" in Libya after freedom fighters forced illuminati to replace Gaddaffi, the previous puppet.
    More examples: islamists installed by the illuminati in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen after freedom loving people forced illuminati to replace the previous puppets (Mubarak, Ben Ali, Saleh).
    Turkey, Algeria. Morocco and Jordan: illuminati managed to so far suppress a generalized armed revolt against the installed puppets in the role of islamists (Erdogan, Boutelfika, King Hassan, King Abdullah).
    On the other hand Egypt was the first country where the illuminati puppets bited the dust.
    6. Riot police, all it took in the EU and uSA to control protesters ever since systemic collapse, 2007.

    The "elite" of the IV Reich military are satanists, same as the SS, the military elite of the III Reich.
    Being a satanist goes beyond regarding the value of the life of OTHERS as TOTALLY worthless.
    For satanists terrorizing and exterminating OTHERS is more than just means, it's a GOAL.


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