Muhammad's Women

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Backup  /  Français  /  عربى


1- Asma' Bent Al-Salat
2- Asma' Bent Al-No'man
3- Asma' Bent Ka'b
4- Al-Shah Bent Refa'h
5- Al-Shanba' Bent Omer
6- Al-Alia' Bent Dhoubian (he divorced her)
7- Om Habiba Bent Abe Sofyian
8- Om Haram
9- Om Salma Al-Makhzomya
10- Om Shriek Bent Ghazia
11- Om Shriek Al-Dosya
12- Om Shriek Al-Ansarya
13- Om Shriek Al-Karashya Al-Amerya
14- Om Shriek Bent Jabber Al-Ghafarya
15- Om Hany Bent Abe Taleb
16- Omayma Bent Al No'man
17- Omayma Bent Sharahyl
18- Bent Gandab
19- The maid of Zaynab Bent Jahsh
20- Jamra Al-Maznya
21- Jamra Bent Al-Harith
22- Jorayra Bent Al-Harith (war captive and wife)
23- Habeba Bent Sahl
24- Hafsa Bent Omer Bin Al-Khattab (Wife)
25- Khadiga Bent Khoiled (wife)
26- Khawla Bent Al-Hazel
27- Khawla Bent Hakim (his maternal aunt)
28- Khawla Bent Sahl
29- Rayhan Bent Zaied Al-Karazia (wife and died)
30- Zelikha Al-Kuraiza (war captive)
31- Zainab Bent Jahsh (daughter in law and wife)
32- Zainab Bent Khozaima Al-Helalya
33- Saba Bent Sofyian
34- Salma Bent Najdah
35- Sana' Bent Al-Salt
36- Sowda Al-Korashya
37- Sowda Bent Zama' (wife)
38- Sharafa Bent Khalyfa Al-Kelabya
39- Safya Bent Hoyai (wife) (he married her on the same day he killed her husband, father, uncle and brother)
40- Diba' Bent Amer
41- Dorah Bent Jandab
42- Aisha Bent Abe Bakr (9 year old wife)
43- Aza Bent Abi Sofyian
44- Omra Al-Ghafarya
45- Omra Al-Kalabeya
46- Omra Bent Mo'Away Al-Kanadya
47- Omra Bent Yazied Bent Rawas
48- Ghaziah Bent Oaf
49- The Fazariya girl (war captive)
50- Fatima Bent Sarij
51- Fatima Bent Al-Dahak
52- Quatila Bent Quis
53- Kanadia Bent Al-No'man
54- Leyla Bent Al-Khodaiem
55- Leyla Bent Hakim Al-Ansarya
56- Maria the Coptic
57- Malika Bent Ka'b
58- Maymouna Bent Al-Harith (wife)
59- Na'ama
60- Habla Bent Quies
61- Hend Al-Makhzomya


  1. Is this what true Muslims (Islamist/Jihad men) dying for. Their idol is sex maniac, sexual pervert, full of lust, full of sexual sins! His followers are truly psychopathic. They cannot distinguish good from evil, truth from falsehood, right from wrong. They all need to be institutionalized.

  2. Lol!..I didnt know about Mohd's sexual impotency. This is news to me. Thx for the reference too.


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