Muhammad's Pimp

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Backup / Français / عربى

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Muhammad's Allah Plays the Pimp

Once, Muhammad entered his wife Hafsa’s room for some reason. Hafsa was not there, but he found her lovely young maid Maria instead.

He grabbed her and jumped into the bed with her for a quickie.
But the quickie was not quick enough and Hafsa walked in and started yelling...
"In my house, on my bed !!!"

To quieten her down and to please her, he promised never to touch her maid again.
However, Allah did not approve of this sacrifice and revealed the following ayas (verses):

"O thou prophet! wherefore dost thou prohibit what God has made lawful to thee (slave girl Maria); craving to please thy wives (Hafsa)? ...God has allowed you to expiate your oaths. (go sleep with Hafsa’s maid)" Qur’an, 66:1-2

“Verily, your Lord (Allah) is ever quick to fulfill your whims and desires” Aisha

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  1. It is tremendously convenient for 'allah' to always allow the 'prophet' to always brutally treat women and non-believers anyway he wants to. Geeze I sure wish a god would always miraculously tell me to "go sin" Also curious that all things allah let/told him to do the God of Abraham and Christ said go sin no more! Convenient and truly shows
    'allah' is the opposite of the true GOD.


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