Tunisia Beheading ... Décapité en Tunisie

Tunisia: A young Muslim leaves Islam and converts to Christianity. (source)
Tunisie: Un jeune Musulman quitte l'Islam et se convertit au Christianisme. (source)

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  1. je convertirais tous les musulmans au satanisme de force femmes enfants adults.

  2. Using a dull knife, the murderer was enjoying his air time making sure not to end it too quick. Nearly 200 up and down strokes most of his time was spent idling on a neck bone. I can guess he was told to stretch it out for ratings.

  3. Every rampant leftists in the west should be forced to watch this video ten times in a row. Religion of peace.....yeah sure it is!!!

  4. This Muslim is seriously brainwashed. The truth about the vile cult of Islam is there for any sane person to see, and yet the idiot denies it all. Winston Churchill knew all about Islam and said 'the borders with Islam are always stained red.' And there many more from world leaders who knew the problem and were no pc.

  5. :) lets nuke'em all, no knife will be helpful then. In the name of Charles Darwin.


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