More Public Hanging in Iran .. Pendaisons Publiques en Iran

Iran executed three people on Tuesday the 19th of July 2011 at Freedom (Azadi) Square in Kermanshah Province, west of the country. The three were accused of abduction and rape. According to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, Iran uses trumped up charges to execute people on regular basis.
In a news article published by Iran Official News Agency IRNA [] in relation to the execution, it stated:" it is worth mentioning that the execution of these three people in Kermanshah was welcomed greatly by people and they chanted in support of the provincial judiciary."

According to IRNA the arrest and the hanging of these three people was done within the space of two months.

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Le site de l’agence de presse et collectif Iranien de défense des droits humains HRANA news - nous apprend que le matin du 19 Juillet 2011, trois prisonniers ont été pendus en public sur la place Azadi dans la ville de Kermanshah, suite à des accusations d’enlèvement et d'adultère.


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