Muhammad's Father

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Muslims believe that Muhammad's father was Abdullah son of Abdul-Muttalib.
Was he?

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  1. Well, suppose Hala became pregnant and had Hamza. A few years later, Amina became pregnant from Abdullah, with Abdullah dying a few months later before Muhammad was born.

    Does that violate any known timelines, or any known physiology of pregnancy?

    The facts presented in your story, by themselves, do not lead to your conclusions.

    It is quite possible that it took Amina several years to become pregnant, even if Abdullah's father impregnated his bride immediately.

  2. Yes you' re assuming both women got pregnant right away after their marriage but maybe hala did but amina did not get pregnant right away. Maybe amina got pregnant 5 ?years after she got married and then abdullah died.

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  4. I think slide 33 is incorrect. If Hamza was already born and Muhammad was born later, then Muhammad would indeed be YOUNGER than Hamza.

    But I agree that there are inconsistencies in Islamic sources. Most Islamic websites state both that "Abdullah died some seven months after his marriage" and that he died two months before Muhammad's birth.

    So if both Abdullah and his father were married the same day, and Abdullah died seven months after his marriage, then the difference in age between Muhammad and Hamza cannot be as much as four years, or even two years.


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