The Perfect Man..الإنسان الكامل..L'Homme Parfait


  1. Thank you for this video. The more I learn about Mohammad, the more horrified I am. What a monster his man was - insane or demon possessed or some combination of the two.

    His teachings have brought nothing but misery upon this earth for 1400 years!

    1. I agree 1000000000000000000000% with you.

    2. I really think Mohammed was completely insane. But it's not really odd, considering his killing sprees, his rapes, his vicious nature. Who could possibly live with themselves being evil like that?
      Don't forget he used to fly around on his stupid winged donkey to Mecca, suffered depressions and hallucinations - which shows he was mad.

      Mohammed, in a way, is like the medieval Caligula: completely insane and evil.

      Had he been alive today, he would probably be sitting on death row!

  2. Your web site could not have come at a better time in history. Your work is for such a time as this. Please continue to post and produce. May G-d bless your endeavors and may his grace abound toward you and this site.

  3. Thank you Rev Homer. Please share.
    P.S. "I'll see your Jihad and I'll raise you one Crusade" I like that!!

  4. This religion has come about from satan himself!
    It really is that obvious!
    I don`t understand how others can`t see it!

    1. Becuz satan is that clever and coniving! He has gone to extraordinary measures to blind all of those people. And they believe it. so sad...they are taught to lie and to hide the truth in their own Anti-Bible! I just don't understand how THEY DON'T SEE IT EITHER!!! Its soooo frustrating! I did not know about islam(satanic cult) and then when I started to research it, I hated and was disgusted by it. They follow the Anti-Christ, with their Anti-Bible! sadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!

    2. There is no other way for Islam to survive than by indoctrination. No one would have any appeal to such evils, unless they were indoctrinated. The fact that they had to close out the world from Islamic society, shows protectionism so the people can't learn anything.
      The only people adopting Islam today are 1) those born into it, 2) those forced into it, 3) those threatened into it.
      Not much choices, really... Once the world would open up to Muslims and they get to read and see whatever they want to -- very few would ever remain in Islam I am sure.

  5. Is it wise to share this on facebook, i mean, fear amongst unsaved is not Good, but in the same time paople should know. How can we be wise about this. Let us pray !

  6. "Is it wise to share this on facebook.."
    Dear friend, it is not only wise, but it's our duty to spread the truth no matter what.

  7. Jesus prophesied the coming of Mohammed in the Bible:

  8. This has to be on of the most indepth videos i've ever seen. i found it on comment section of a case in NJ muslim case/sharia law. I will send this site to everyone i know. Bravo to you to put this on for all the world to see how despicable these people really are. They want their horrid laws to be in America - Hell no. let those pedofiles stay in their own hell hole and away from Democracies of the world. thanks to videos like this -I have more and more faith in my great country-GOD BLESS AMERICA

  9. I do wish Muhammad was judged against moral standards of today, this would receive more attention. Using Jesus in this way makes it seem like propaganda and detracts from the facts. You need to appeal to the good in all our hearts no matter what the state is of our spirituality.

    Let Jesus speak for himself, if He thinks He needs to, He will, in every heart that reads the truth, believer in Christ or not. Do we think we need to act as his interpreter? He will guide all who will listen for he has the power if He chooses. I am sure he speaks to Bin Laden but does he Listen? I am sure he spoke to Muhammad, you know He did when he new he delivered a message from the Devil. Muhammad was spoken to by Christ because he spoken in the same language but with a different message but did he choose to listen?
    Do we really need to keep on talking for Christ all we create is smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let people listen to Him for He is talking to everyone of us directly, we must just listen in quite and with an open heart. We know what is right and wrong in our hearts and it will differ from what our parents are taught to say.

    Let us learn to trust our hearts for all else seems to have an agenda. Is Christ literally that, should we be looking into our hearts and not to heaven??

    By using Christ in this way we dis-engage people who have not thought to listen for it.

  10. Many thanks for this video. It is very enlightning and says it all.

    I disagree with Anonymous, i see the use of the Christian faith and Jesus shows off the difference between a religion and a cult.

    When I was 18 I read the Koran in English and, young as I was, I was apalled. Where a lot of misdeeds have been committed by christian clergy, f.i. the Inquisition it was done to save their souls (and more power for the cerlgy, but mailu it was altruistic.
    The misdeeds committed by muslims is to gain entrance to paradise for themselves. I thought it a very materialistic religion.
    Most religions are about the wish for self-improvement.

  11. Merci de mettre en ligne les vidéos traduites en français. C'est un site excellent et je le montre à toutes mes connaissances.

    Encore merci d'exister

  12. Hi,

    I am really grateful for your great efforts in exposing truth regarding this terrible religion know as Islam.Throughout human history since its emergence as a religion,it has destroyed Christianity in Mid-East regions.Islam has destroyed a peaceful religion known as Buddhism from India,It has also tried to wipe out Sikhism and Hindusim in India but they survived.Even now,Muslims,with the help of huge amount of petro-dollars financed by Saudis,Iranians,Libyans,and oil-rich Gulf states,are doing their aggressive efforts to achieve global dominancy in every parts of the world.We need wonderful people like you to educate and inform all of us.
    May God bless you and your noble efforts.

  13. Really an excellent video to know about Mohammad. It is really an insult to man kind that he is held in esteem.

  14. I live in Eurabia. Certain parts of this continent is under sharia law. Wake up America before it's too late. The Judeo-Christian values need to prevail. It is so simple. This is a clash of good vs evil. Don't take liberty for granted. As it is happening here, freedom is being chipped away one concession at a time. Take a stand call your elected officials. Support Israel. If Israel fails that will truly be the beginning of the end. Check out

  15. islam is a cult disguised as a religion,an evil and supremacist ideology that is incompatible with freedom of speech and democracy,founded by a derranged pedophile,rapist,misogynist,torturer,assasin,looter,terrorist,narcissist and mass murderer.all followers of islam, are obligated to emulate and identifify with this evil child rapist

  16. I say we destroy the muslims and eradicate them once in far all !!! They are lika a pox ! The Quran should be forbidden. I am not a Christian or from any Abraham based religion but I tolerant to all other religions. Now after seeing this, I strongly feel that any person with this sort of up bringing will be evil ! We need to convert them all into some other religion. I don t even mind if they are converted to Christians but his religion shouldn t exist anymore !

  17. Thanks for this vital information.
    Need to get this info out and keep it coming.

    This is not a religion it is a death cult, a perverted disgusting, blood spilling death cult.

    If it IS so glorious why indeed to they have to FORCE their beliefs with death threats and/or at the end of a sword and kill those who leave the evilness of islam or won't join.

    Fundamental Islam doesn't want to change, they have great power in their inner circles - over very abused uneducated woman and children - they make them their life long slaves and WE threaten that cozy way of life for them. They need to be dragged into the modern world and this sick blood cult banned forever.

    Why would they want that to change? Life's good for them, take that away and they may have to actually be responsible for not being a decent human being and that's what they fear the most, being held accountable for their barbaric evil actions and beliefs and not having that master/slave control in their personal lives.

    Easy to see why it's easier for them to do evil rather than good - it's in the quran. A book of satanic verses indeed. Not to mention it was also written in the centuries AFTER the f*ck pig mohammed's death...gathered from grains of rice and sticks etc...
    Whole thing is a load of evil, darkness, immoral, shameful and demeaning for all of humanity. Should be held up as an example of what it is, pure vile evilness.

  18. America, wake up before the Muslims get their way in this country and have Sharia law. Even the President is a Muslim. Think about what would happen to your wives, sisters, or daughters. Would you want the Muslims to cut off their noses or ears in front of you or force you to do it because of some ridiculous unfounded accusation? It has happened in other countries and it could happen here. This is an immoral religion.

  19. Muhammed was nothing but a sick immoral flawed human. He and his followers will be sent to Hell (not Paradise)where they will suffer the torments of hell which will be neverending. There are no 40 virgins awaiting them only Satan to laugh in their face about deceiving them.The will in the end be judged by God for all their sins. I knew the man was sick but this video shows it all.

  20. I think everything posted above says it all! islam is not a religion as we would understand, it is an insane, mentally deranged maniac's dream that has been kept alive by others of like mind, who are empowered by the fear of innocent people. Thgis country is close to being swept away too because of all the "political correctness" and fear of just being honest.
    Thanks for getting this out here! You have given me hope. I started to think people like me wer a dying breed, but I guess not. You ROCK!!!!!

  21. Allah's Apostle said: "I have become victorious with terror." Bukhari, Vol 4, book 52, 220

    There are 1200 mosques in all 50 states; inform & alert your family members, plus thinking neighbors.

    Get this new book: 'Grand Jihad' by Andrew McCarthy. This author knows Islam, and he knows the Holy Qur'an.

    It's November 2nd..or it's never, folks! - reb
    ___ ___

  22. Hello,
    We present our site

    Have a look to

    (which is the improvment of the other, once based in Tunisia).

    There is thousands of texts (around 20 000) about the origins of islam, with a critical, humanist, democratic and scientific view (and even ironical). It is now the bigger "sourcebook" on that subject, with often unpublished documents: Muhammad biographies (SIRA), the main books of traditions (HADITH) , muslim chronicles (TABARI...), companions biographies (TABAQAT), quranic verses, quranic commentaries (TAFSIR). It is sometimes funny, or stupid, ugly, frightening, but always interesting!

    A new version is now available, improved and corrected: around 3700 pages. We are working for a new version published every year.

    All is in french. so sorry. but you need to read it to understand muslim thinking and acts. It is a rare opportunity to reach genuine information from islamic doctrinal texts.

    Now, you won’t tell again: we just don’t know…

    Bye. Take care.

  23. This is no joke: what I saw in your video explains the severity and horrors of behavior my former husband meted out to me. May he [fill in the blanks as you wish - i have, a thousand times, with no delicacy at all.]

    Most people raised in this faith will prove to be un-recoupable, I believe.

  24. I am starting to think ... Is he the ANIT CHRIST ???!!! Suits so well !!!

  25. Muhammad ! un fou sanguinnaire ! un débile mental qui pouvait faire croire n'importe quoi à ses sbires ! Lisez cela et vous comprendrez comment et pourquoi ils peuvent croire n'importe quoi !

  26. A great video. Could you possibly slow it down a little to give more time to read the messages?


  27. excellent and informative. Anyone who lives near islam know all about it. But still too many do not realize that threat the west now faces. We, the west, must indeed form new order, Templar type orders, and do what once again must be done, as our ancestors did. We're we to shreik away from this responsability we would loose the west altogether. This reality should send a shudder through all who come to know it.

  28. To the Anonymous person who said: "Using Jesus in this way makes it seem like propaganda and detracts from the facts".

    The fact is that Jesus said these words and it isn't propaganda. Mohammad declared his laws and these are the facts, as borne in the aHadith, Sira and Noble Qur'an.
    Your very morals,(if you live in western society)that you use are based on Yahshuah's teachings whether you are an atheist, a Jew, a Hindu. Buddhism has a very similar philosophy in the Eight-fold Path to that of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount except Jesus went even further in his covenant with man.
    It is a New Covenant that replaces the old of Moses. It represents man's changing morality and is meant to advance human kindness, understanding and forgiveness to create a more advanced civilization devoid of corruption (eventually). Evil stillexists in the world, yes, but it is not Christian but that of man's own ego.

    Yahshuah's teachings are being undermined by the decption of the Satanic verses. Satan knew it could get to someone at sometime and he found a naive, illiterate and power hungry narcissist in Mohammad and turned him into a religiously legal psychopathic monster.

    This video needs no altering to change the facts.

    Personally , I have a different attitude toward muslims and islam .
    They hav caused all the terror , murder , and destruction in the
    world recently , and they even kill other muslims . I hate them
    because they destroyed one of AMERICA ' S greatest landmarks and
    affected the lives of not just those murdered but all 300,000,000
    Terrorists and suicide bombers shoul be spray with with the blood and
    urine of pigs , and demonstrators also . GO BSACK TO HELL .

  30. ce n est qu une simple vidéo que t as monté parce que tu deteste l islam.
    tu sais que c est archifaux.
    sur que t es ju....ou porc....

  31. Please add some text at the top of the page about the video depicting graphic images of violence and murder victims. Some of us don't handle that well (especially while eating a slice of pizza, which I was).

    You might also consider publishing a second version of the video that doesn't include the gory images. Even though I'm confident that the video is informative, I stopped the clip at 1:33 because the gore in it is too much for me.

    Thank you for your consideration and for the work that you do to educte Americans about Islam. -AuntieMadder

  32. we need another general black jack pershing who knew how to handle the terrorists in the phillipines a long time ago. the word assasin comes from arabic meaning a muslim terrorist killer. the marines got the name leathernecks when they were sent to rescue americans who had been kidnapped by muslim terrorists. they wore heavy leather collars around their necks so the muslims could not "cut their necks" words from the koran--meaning to behead or slit throat as one would slaughter an animal. angela merckel of germany claims multiculturalism is not working in germany, norway is not permitting more mosques to be built and on and on it goes.. eventually if europe has a hope of surviving as free people and not a caliphate--they need to rid themselves of the muslim scourge and send them back to the hellholes from whence they came. it is doubtful that with a sitting president who is muslim and a marxist that he will ever be anything but politically correct right up until the time the terrorists begin a reign of terror in the u.s.a. he is protecting the terrorists from gitmo from military tribunals and wants them in federal court for a reason.. makes me wonder who appointed the judges who will try the captured terrorists? could it have been one of our marxist presidents masquerading as a democrat?

  33. My friend, this is SG1963, and a friend sent me a link to an excellent website, and here I find you! I'm glad that your videos live all over the web. I'll share this link with others. Your work will help many learn the horrors of this death cult, so keep up the excellent work. :-)

  34. I'm so happy to hear from you SG. You are a good friend and an excellent fighter. Keep in touch. God bless your work, you're doing a good job unveiling this death cult and it's pervert founder.

  35. what a great work you are doing on this website..I pray every muslim who can read will see this..unfortunately many , the majority of the 1.2 billion are illiterate, only learning Quran by rote, brainwashed since a child to recite it from memory..I kinda doubt that many will ever change their thinking, what is normal and moral to us is not what is moral to them, actually they have no moral compass because their leader was amazingly bestial and evil..this video is brilliant, covering all of Muhammads disgusting deeds..please keep this coming and I will send these videos to all I know who are in need of a wake up call..many thanks, and may God bless your service to humanity..

  36. Islam is no religion, it is a way of life designed by bigots and power hungry men for their use. America should throw out all Muslims , back to Muslim countries. Only real religion and good ways of life should be encouraged here in the U.S.A. Under no conditions hould we allow Muslims to stay, not even if they say they will give up Islam. They are not to be trusted.

  37. Thank you for showing the true color of islam. I hope and pray that this video will wake up people in America and Europe form their deep sleep, and finally do something about the spread of the snake "islam" in the west. Islam killed almost all the chritians,took their lands, destroyed their cutlture and civilizations in the East, I hope it is not too late for the west.
    Thank you again for making this great video.

  38. Wake up France!! some Muslims live in France, have more than one wife (not declared) and an average of 8 kids.
    The government is paying around 10000 Euro/month as financing support to the kids.Their numbers are increasing minute after minute in a horrific way. Muslim Clerks are encouraging women to give birth as much as they can.
    It's an organized crime to invade Europe.!!!!
    Please translate this video to the Arabic language, some Muslims don't know the truth still.

  39. Keep up the good work!

    I suggest everyone also visit jihadwatch(dot)org and atlasshrugs(dot)com.

  40. note to British subjects: Your queen has sold you out! You are after-all her subjects? Now you are subjects of islam! Your queen has put on the veil, and sold you out! Now it's time for you to pull the veil from your eyes and get rid of the class that has kept you down and is now destroying you so as to keep their wealth and dominion over you, the slave class. They have brought in the enemi to dilute you before you can break free. Act before it's too late! Pleasant dreams........

  41. We all know whats going on in France, but as elsewhere, our press organs and elits silence us. The ruling money class wants to keep their wealth and is destroying the occident in this way, out of greed. It's up to us to organize! We must fix this problem and also fix the greed problem! All over Europe and the west, we must group, make ties and be intelligent about our resistance. The net and communications are surveilled, so we must be smart. Anyone interested?

  42. Thanks a lot. May God increase your tribe.
    God bless

  43. Thank you but in good conscience, I can't stand watching those headless corpses...

    Praise God I'm non-Muslim. God bless you.

  44. Please Brothers and Sisters, do not allow hate to gain a foothold. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. Attend to the state of your own souls. Repent of your sins and obey the Lord's commandments. Seek out the truth and you will find it. The wicked will continue to kill each other. Great judgments are coming. Cities will be left desolate by the plague that will soon be unleashed. The seas will leap their bounds and great hailstones will destroy all crops upon the earth resulting in a famine that surpasses all that have come before. All this time the wicked will be marshaling for war. Pray that you and your family may escape the wrath and judgments of a just God.

    Our God is calling us to repent and to obey His commandments. Haiti and Indonesia, where over 500,000 souls were called home to be judged. Make no mistake He is calling to us. Listen.

  45. Praise Jesus!

    I spread the truth like this but most of all, the truth of God's Word. Muslims need need salvation from the enslavement of their devil religion. Let's continue until the final hour. Marananta!

  46. Frankly, some of the translations from arabic were bullshit, some "hadiths" were nullified many hundred years ago, by contemporary major scholars of the same time of the so called hadith. Some "hadiths" were mentioned clearly as false... but why the heck care?! It was found in a "muslim" source and therefore no to bother at all. Just copy paste whatever part that suits "Death to Muhammad, Love to Jesus"- propaganda.

  47. is thair any way you could make your video and sell them some of us want to start a work and training class and these would be great

  48. All videos on this blog are free. You may download and use them for your work and training class ... for free. Enjoy!

  49. Superb presentation of the FACTS about ISLAM. Not the idea of a 'radicalized' Islam, not the 'hi-jacked' Islam which is being shoved down our throats...but plain-old-ordinary-run-of-the-mill ISLAM. This slide show PROVED IT from Islam's own authoritative writings. THIS is the TRUE FACE of ISLAM.

    We will never defeat an enemy we have no knowledge of. It's about time America decides to learn about our enemy: Islam. America needs to wake up and smell the sharia before its too late.

  50. The 'Five Pillars' of Islam are the foundation of Muslim life:

    Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad;
    Establishment of the daily prayers;
    Concern for and almsgiving to the needy;
    Self-purification through fasting; and
    The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.
    I am a Muslim, born and raised Baptist in Texas, I served my country as a U.S. Marine. I understand what your trying to do, But are you acting like a true Christian by feeding fear?? Are you cursing the darkness, or bringing the light?? The Jews, Christians, & Muslims all have blood on our hands. In Hist, we have all fought each other, and fought side by side, If you live in the US and want to know about whats on the mind of a Muslim.. Ask. I go through the same sh!t every other American goes through. I work hard, pay my taxes, drive a chevy truck, and ride a Honda Goldwing. I have daughters & have the same fears every other dad would have. As for learning about Islam in Gen. be cautious of what you read, many books are false, also check for trainslations, & context. & remember there is rap, murder, encist, and more in all the Holy Books. We can point fingers all day long, in the end all we get is hate & death. Remember we are all trying to serve God the best we know how.

  51. my goodness you people are flipping DERANGED and gone mad with hatred against Islam. I suggest you first actually study the religion under a Muslim scholar before you attempt to critique something you do not understand.



    "gone mad with hatred against Islam"

    Can't defend your "prophit" play victim.
    This claim is used to shut people up and just give Muslims what they want.

    Wow, you tell us we don't understand, what is there to understand? You saw all the acts in the video, even if poorly translated you can not deny FACT.
    Cut the victim crap saying that we don't understand Islam, I can clearly see it's all about control and domination.
    I have read your "holy" book, tell me how I am reading the very words that came from Mohammad incorrectly?

    Isn't that blasphemy to "interpret" his words, and not stand by them as was written by him? You make up a lot of "what he really meant" excuses.

    Can you deny that he killed his enemies and then cut their bodies in pieces and threw them into a pit? Can you deny that he told men to beat women if they don't behave?

    You are right,not all Muslims are bad.
    I never said they were, I have Muslim friends.
    The good Muslims don't use their religion to justify expecting special treatment,or showing disrespect towards other religions.

    In France Muslims are demanding to use "empty churches" for Friday prayer. Why? So Muslims don't have to block streets to worship every Friday? Their reason? "To not make them a hostage of politics"??

    Are you serious????? The "holy" book you say is about peace, is just the opposite. Justify to me all of the acts he committed in the name of Allah.

    What is Muslims reason to throw acid on a woman to restore "honor" for the family???
    It's pathetic playing victim or hiding behind a "peaceful" joke of religion. Or are you just too much of a coward to show what the Islam Sharia Law really is?

    Islam deception has been found out, and America will not submit to Islam. Muslims have underestimated the American spirit and the love of freedom we have.

    It seems it is Muslim MO to claim that anti-Islam intolerance will not follow certain rules because it is against their religion. If anyone objects to special treatment, Muslims will cry that others are showing Islam hatred by trying to get the same special treatment as Muslims just got.

    Any service that is denied to Muslims that they want will be accused of hatred of Muslims, and not having it would be preventing them their "freedom of religion" playing the victim to get special treatment.

    Even more pathetic, preventing the others from defending themselves and unable go obtain those same rights. Any objection will be stopped when Muslims continue to play victim of Muslim hating people.

    Muslims treat others with the "intolerance" of their religion towards others, yet Muslims cry they are victims of hatred.

    If you really believe it is "holy" to murder and rape women and throw acid on their faces for denying marriage to a man. Then you are the exact description you accuse of others.

    YOU are the ones that threaten other religions beliefs, and YOU are the ones discriminating against others. Your motto - submit or die


    Islam is the very definition of "hatred" that you accuse others of being towards you!

    It is so pathetic to hide behind religion to excuse immoral acts towards anyone or group you don't like.

    You treat your women like dogs, killing women that were raped and blame them for your pathetic lack of self control.

    Muslims aren't victims, they are the oppressor.

    Link of women that are victims of "Honer Killing"

  53. Another excellent source for finding the TRUTH about Islam can be found at I have learned so much from the videos and radio interviews that can be found there. The site is by The Straight Way of Grace Ministry. Usama Dakdok is a Baptist minister who immigrated here from Egypt. He also has link on his web site that is an outreach to the Muslim Community. This is a ministry we should all support as well, he is opening many eyes.

  54. This would be a much better site...and video WITHOUT the Christian references...because then it becomes "we're better than you." Without the Christian references the video would be more objective and balanced and allow people to judge Islam and Mohammed for what they are.

    I was ready to put this video on my website until the Christian stuff started.

    But regardless...pretty scary stuff....

  55. Keep fighting Islam . Don't stop searching . Devil made hairetical churches , to fight Jesus Christ( wolfs with ships shape ) . See the Holy Light in Jerusalem that , when the Coptic ( they accept only god nature at Christ ) and Catholic ( they accept that the Filioqve - that The Holy spirit is coming from the Fother and The Son to ! So they make tou Gods Fothers in The Holy Trinity ! In Johns 15 chapter, Jesus sais that It is coming from The Fother ) churches tryed to get , didnt apear ! Sultan Murat desided that '' only Orthodoxs whill be coming , from now to get it '' ! Orthodox Christian Hellas .

  56. You people are all mad. Muhammad was a real person is history and his deeds can be judged by historians. There is no evidence Jesus even existed.

    This is a pathetic argument by pathetic people arguing about whose fairy tale is correct. Reality is Islam was made up 1400 years ago and Christianity was made up by Paul an others (not the made up man Jesus) some time befor

    1. Sorry, but the Romans have a record of Jesus' crucifixion. So, yes, there IS evidence that Jesus really did exist.

      The Romans were nothing if not meticulous about keeping records, particularly during the early Imperial period.

  57. Kiss my ass, and SUCK muhammad's DICK you frigging moron!

    *You are the pethetic one, KING of CLOWNS.

    1. Stfu and watch what you saying. Retard. It's funny because if you look at the 'proper' sources. He believed in equality and the path of righteousness and goodness. Also in Islam women are protected (like jewels) (EQUAL). Makes me sick when there is also evidence that Muhammed was a amazing man.

  58. In scrutinizing islam, one must always do so without the veil of auto-censurship. Otherwise one cannot procede to clear ideas. In the end, and from the begining, islam is yet another collective neurosis, and should be treated as such. Neurosis is infectious given certain conditions, just as the plague was. It's up to us to discuss the issue directly and without asking the infected one what they want or think.


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