The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam.
La Violente Oppression de la Femme en Islam.

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  1. This is what our government has invited into our nation. Where are the American feminists? Our foremothers would be ashamed of their silence. God protect us.

  2. Since when was the Feminist Movement anything to do with the rights of "wimmin"

  3. "The State has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors."

    That says it all, folks.

    Never mind that from at least the time of the Romans there have been those opposed to the idea of slavery. Never mind that over a period of 500 years (from the time of Bartolome de las Casas), there has been movement, though slow at first, in the West to get rid of slavery.

    Never mind that this man is in a nation that had a Civil War, in part over the very issue of Slavery.

    Never mind that he's in a nation whose very Constitution OUTLAWS Slavery.

    He's complaining about the "state criminalizing basic Muslim behaviors."

    Well, DUH! Basic Muslim behaviors ARE criminal in nearly every civilized, and even "semi"-civilized place .

    Islam does NOT belong in human civilization.


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