The Fall of Islam..سقوط الإسلام..La Chute de l'Islam

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Muslim scholar argues that 653 hadiths in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are false.
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Un érudit musulman affirme que 653 hadiths de Sahih Bukhari et Sahih Muslim sont faux.
Voir aussi: The Big Lie (anglais)


  1. I guess it is another kind of Taqiyya to obfuscate infidels.

    Since people are coming to know about ugliness of Islam, Muslims try to change the tactics.

    Some (Muslims) are even saying those violent verses in Koran were added later.

  2. Muslims wake up. You can have a loving God. You don't have to have a pedophile, necrophiliac, woman hating, raping, beating, gay, cross dressing, disgusting God you can have the real God who is loving, forgiving and accepting and his name is Jesus and he loves you, misses you and has already died for you. Seems like a simple choice.

    1. With all the time you invested to educate Muslims, I hope and pray they will leave Islam. This is for the goodness of the whole world. If Islam dies there will be no more suicide killing, honor killing, killing infidels and the scariest is the killing of non-Muslims through Jihad. I salute Robert Spencer also for spending too much time on his Jihad Watch. If Islam is eradicated there will be peace in the world. Killers will go to jail because Christian Law is "Thou Shalt Not Kill".


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