Islam's Progression through Societies..La Progression de l'Islam à travers les Sociétés

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"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
George Santayana 
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"Ceux qui n'apprennent pas de l'histoire sont condamnés à la répéter."
George Santayana
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  2. Hi Dear Brother,

    We all non-Muslims are on the same boat to our own-self anihilation by being too ignorant and too accommodating to the Islam.
    We need people like you who inform,educate and alert us regarding this huge threat posed by Islam to all the remaining non-Muslim world.Please do it on a much wider and more effective level by reaching out as much possible as you can.
    May God bless you.

  3. thank you for posting the video, its by far the most reasonable progression of Islam and Muslims.

    Its in 1 word is a : CANCER

    once started, won't leave except with the Life of its patient.

  4. Ca ressemble fort au hordes nazie avant et durant la guerre 45/45,surtout quand on sait qu'ils etaient alliés avec le grand mufti de Jerusalem.

  5. The time have come for the west to unite. All the signs are evident. The only alternative is to dissapear altogether. Each in how or her capacity must take on the struggle and shake off the current defensive stance. Intelligent actions must prevail, while avoiding romantic theatrics. But a new order must be founder, as once the ancient Nights Templar. Then is still now. For our enemies, nothing has changed.

  6. Comment faire pour avoir un nouveau lien vidéo, merci


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