The Little Thief..اللص الصغير..Le Petit Voleur

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This is Sharia, the Law of Muhammad, the Law of Islam,
the Law of Allah, the Law of Satan.

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C'est la Charia, la Loi de Mahomet, la Loi de l'Islam,
la Loi d'Allah, la Loi de Satan.

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  1. Such a benificent and compassionate God, this Allah, no? What to expect from a religion based upon a schizophrenic, homocidal, pedophile's rantings made to scripture?

  2. I often visit and appreciate your site. I have learned so much! Since we bloggers are often challenged with source materials, it would be great if you could post a succinct reference, who what when where, the hadith or koranic verse number would be helpful.

    The commands to kill nonmuslims abound in the koran, can you link us to them and explain any others? Thanks

    Also, you should document honor killings in the US and Canada and Europe and tie them in with Sharia.

    Also can you clarify the baby-thighing that some muslima activists are complaining about as common place?

    There's a movie called Bacha Bazi boys of Afghanistan, which is about institutionalized boy prostitution in islam...can you explain the strange conflict of homosexuality in islam? There are youtubes of muslim males who are shaved openly advertising for prostitution, and they are dressed in female clothing. Is it true as I've heard that homosexuality is rampant in islam but if the male is shaved or has no beard or is dressed in women's clothing they do not consider it homosexuality?
    And those gay males who do not abide this are the ones who are killed?

    Thanks, merci, again for all your work!!!

  3. I'll try to get back to you with some answers. Honor killings are well documented on Atlas Shrugs. You may also want to visit Jihad Watch.


    this seems the hoax, not your site!

  5. The child in these pictures does not seem to be eight years old, but instead he looks like a four or five year old. Is there any more information available about this incident? Regardless, Iran never ceases to shock me with its theocratic muslim leaders and their eternal pursuit of new crueler ways to instill fear in the population; its law enforcers that don't think twice of the pain they are causing to another human being (even a child as in this case) that may be innocent of the charges; but the most disheartening of all is the accepting population (why cannot they really do a counter revolution to dislodge this evil from their midst). I don't think there is a god out there that cares much for its people, but I do think there are people that care for others and that is a start.

  6. this has been reportes to be a hoax. It happens, but as a money maker for the men. The boy is actually not hurt and the act is repeateds for onlookers, who give money to see it.


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