The Prophet of Mercy .. رسول الرحمة .. Le Prophète de la Miséricorde

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Muhammad and Torture (PPS)

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Muhammad and Torture (Video)

During the year 628 A.D., eight men from the clan of Uraynah
came to Medina. They became Muslim. Then …

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Mahomet et la Torture (PPS)

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Mahomet et la Torture (Vidéo)

Durant l’an 628 A.D., huit hommes du clan d’Urayna sont venu à Médine.
Ils sont devenus musulmans. Puis …

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    keep away from them

    1. I'm muslim and it's my life i love my religion ! And i think crazy mans like you should find their way ... now you are loosing your time ! I'm gonna tell you something ... there is muslim and muslim ... two categories ... !

  3. can you be sure to quote your sources in book and chapter in text outside the video or provide links like your other subjects, thanks, looks like I just hit the jackpot

    1. Go to the updated post.

      Download the PPS or the TEXT version.
      Click on any link, it will take you directly to the source.


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