Pedophile Muhammad...محمد بتاع العيال...Mahomet le Pédophile

11-Year-Old Yemeni Girl Nada Al-Ahdal Flees Home to Avoid Forced Marriage

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"He (Muhammad) put Hussein's legs apart and kissed his penis."

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Mahomet le Pédophile (PPS)

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"Il (Mahomet) écarta les jambes de Hussein et embrassa son pénis."

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شاهد أيضا: الرجل المثالى فى الإسلام



  1. et embrassa son PENIS ? muhammad etait il GAY ?

  2. "et embrassa son PENIS ? muhammad etait il GAY ?"

  3. Mohammad was the perfect sinner. He made a habit of breaking all of God's commandments.

    1. Not only that, but he violated a number of pre-Islamic Arabian taboos, to boot.

  4. Mohammad was anti-christ; a complete and total perversion of all that is good and a worshiper of Satan.

  5. Ashnas are boy toys in Afghanistan. Muslims rename sodomy and evil.

  6. 'Then I got ill and my hair fell out,' 'I was breathless then and when my breathing became alright' Look at the words. The six year old child knew what her future was to be and out of fear she became so ill she lost her hair. Then when she grew it back after three years, at the age of nine she found out her fate had not changed, she had a panic attack. She was then handed over to the monster to be raped.

  7. You people are so easily fooled. No such hadith exist that says Muhammad kissed anyone penis. This reference can not be found any where. Stop your lies!!!

    1. Unfortunately you didn't take the time to read your "holy" books. You'll find the hadith, as well as links, screenshots and translation here


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